How to Get and Use Kobold AI API URL? (Expert Guide)

 Kobold AI serves as an AI platform that presents an array of robust tools and services for both developers and businesses. A pivotal component of this platform is the Kobold AI API, which offers a user-friendly approach to incorporating Kobold AI’s functionalities into various applications and systems.

This interface enables developers to make use of Kobold AI’s sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning proficiencies to elevate their software solutions. But the common question is: How to get Kobold AI API URL?

To utilize the Kobold AI API, developers are required to initiate HTTP requests directed toward a designated URL endpoint. This URL designated for the Kobold AI API functions as the conduit for interaction connecting the client application and the AI platform.

Through the transmission of requests to this specific URL, developers can engage with Kobold AI, gaining access to its diverse range of capabilities.

Within the context of this article, I will elucidate the process of obtaining the Kobold AI API URL, delineate its applications, provide instructions on its utilization, and offer insights into its security, all of which you can delve into as you read further.

How to Get and Use Kobold AI API URL

What is Kobold Al?

Kobold Al stands as an AI-powered writing platform, harnessing a blend of both local and remote AI models to craft text in response to user prompts. This platform offers a fluid and user-friendly encounter that enhances the act of writing.

Kobold Al boasts a web-based interface accessible through browsers, enabling users to compose and revise an array of content including stories, novels, chatbots, and beyond. This is achieved with the aid of a toolkit comprising features like Memory, Author’s Note, World Info, Save & Load, along with adjustable AI settings, all contributing to a seamless writing experience.

Understanding KoboldAI API URL

The Kobold AI API URL adheres to a standardized structure, generally encompassing the Kobold AI server’s domain name or IP address, coupled with the designated endpoint pertinent to the desired API resource. To illustrate, a typical Kobold AI API URL could be in the form of “”.

In this instance, “” serves as the identifier for the Kobold AI server’s domain name or IP address, while “/v1/analyze” specifies the endpoint dedicated to the analysis function extended by the API.

How to Get Your Kobold AI API Key

To obtain your Kobold AI API key, adhere to these instructions:

1.       Sign in to your Kobold Al account.

2.       Proceed to the ‘API’ segment.

3.       Opt for ‘Generate New API Key’.

4.       The system will then produce a fresh API key for your usage.

It is vital to ensure the secure storage of your API key, as it functions as a password granting access to your Kobold Al account’s data and functionalities.

How to Use Kobold AI API?

Engaging with the Kobold Al API involves a straightforward process:

1.   Launch Kobold Al on your local device. As the platform starts, you’ll receive a link from Kobold within the terminal or command prompt.

2.   Copy the link provided and append /api at its end. For instance, if Kobold gives you, the resulting KoboldAI API URL will be

3.    Open the KoboldAI API URL in your preferred browser. This leads you to the API’s interactive documentation, detailing available endpoints, parameters, and more.

4.    Select an endpoint from the list to test the API’s functionalities. Click the “Try it out” button.

5.    Populate the fields with your inputs and settings, then click “Execute.” The API’s response will be visible in the “Response body” section.

6.    Incorporate the API into your applications, games, or experiments. You can send HTTP requests to the KoboldAI API URL using your chosen programming language or tool.

7.   Rely on the interactive documentation to properly structure your requests and interpret responses. This resource helps maintain accurate formatting while making use of the API’s capabilities.

5 Best Use Cases of KoboldAI API URL

KoboldAl offers the flexibility of running locally on your hardware, affording enhanced privacy and data control. Additionally, you have the option to leverage platforms like Google Colab or remote servers for increased computational power and speed.

The API URL serves multiple purposes:

1. Accessing Documentation: The URL provides access to the API’s documentation, where you can review available endpoints, parameters, and examples.

2. Feature Testing: It enables real-time testing of API features, allowing you to input your data and observe the immediate output.

3. Sharing API: You can use the URL to share your API interactions with others. By sharing the URL, you can showcase the results generated using the KoboldAI API.

4. Collaborative Efforts: The URL facilitates collaboration with peers on developing and refining applications, games, or experiments utilizing the KoboldAI API.

5. Saving Settings: You can utilize the URL to store your API settings for future reference. Additionally, bookmarking or saving the URL in a file helps maintain easy access.

Is Kobold Al Safe?

Kobold Al functions with a restrained approach to censorship or oversight, affording users greater latitude in their creative endeavors. Its operations are confined entirely to the user’s personal computer, guaranteeing a private writing experience devoid of dependence on external services or cloud-based systems.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that due to its pronounced inclination toward NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, Kobold Al is unsuitable for use by children, in professional settings, or for live streaming applications. 

Additionally, its capacity for content filtration is limited, which implies that it might generate text that encompasses sensitive or unsuitable material.


Incorporating Kobold Al into your applications can provide them with advanced capabilities in understanding natural language. However, it is crucial to ensure the security of your API key and effectively manage its usage.

If you have any suspicions that your API key might have been compromised, it is recommended to generate a new one through your Kobold Al account.

The Kobold Al API presents a robust toolkit that opens up new and exciting possibilities for your applications. Take the opportunity to become familiar with the API and explore the wide range of features that Kobold Al brings to the table.

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