Can Character AI Creators see your Chats? ( Revealed!)

Are you worried about your privacy concerns related to Character AI? You are at the right place. In this article, I am going to clear all your privacy concerns related to Character AI. Let’s delve into it.

Can Character AI Creators see your Chats?

Character AI creators cannot see your chats. It is against their policy to view the chats of users. There was the Reddit post that created a mess and doubts in users’ minds.

But the Character AI FAQs section clearly denies the claim that Character AI creators can view the chats of users.

However, the developer can view every message you send. But they cannot use the information to figure out your identity. This remains anonymous for those whose messages they are reading.

As Character AI is based on machine learning and trained on the data that are provided to them. The developer uses this as feedback to improve the user experience and can analyse how users are interacting with Character AI and what sort of response they want to have from AI.

Can Character Ai creator see your chats

Is Character AI safe?

Overall, Character AI has strict privacy and security rules. Although they do not share the data with third parties, there is a certain risk that is needed to be considered.

One of them is the privacy concern. Basically, the tool generates characters that resemble your identity, which raises consent over its control.

Another potential risk is the misuse of identity. As the characters it generates are highly realistic, they can be used to create fake profiles leading to identity theft or to do any kind of fraud.

The third one is the spread of misinformation. The realistic appearance of the Character makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and fake data. This could lead to the spread of false narratives, the manipulation of public opinion, and an overall lack of trust in the reliability of the media.

These are the things that consumers should consider and take the necessary security measures against. Key measures to reduce possible danger while interacting with Characters include responsible use, careful evaluation of content, as well as information.

Is Character AI private?

Character AI is a private tool in such a way that only you can view your chat, and nobody else can view the chat you had with Character AI. Unless you are sharing it with someone. As character AI have the option to share your chat with anyone you want. Otherwise, Character AI is a private tool.

How to delete messages in Character AI?

Now character AI has introduced the option to remove the messages at the end of the conversation. It is basically introduced due to the high demand from the users. Here are the steps you can follow to delete the messages:

1. Click on the chat options menu in the top right corner.

2. Select the message you want to remove.

3.  Click remove.

4.  After that, all the messages from that selected message are going to remove from the chat.

Is Character AI real people?

A lot of people have the strong option that this tool runs by real people. But no, it is not correct.

Character AI is basically run on a deep learning model. As it is an AI tool so it tries to mimic humans or respond like humans, which is kind of deceiving for people.

Due to its vast memory, it engages in a detailed conversation with the people. However, it has some loopholes and sometimes cannot always give an accurate response. So, it is not a tool we can rely on completely.

How to delete Character AI Characters?

1. If you have a previous chat history with that Character, delete it.

2. Navigate to the editing screen for the Character you want to delete.

3. Remove any previous details that you may have added to the Character, including its name and description.

4. Add random text to the required fields, making sure that each field has at least three characters, to ensure that deletion will be successful.

There is another method to try if you find this one too confusing or unclear. Instead of deleting the Character, you may create a new one in its place, therefore replacing the existing one with a new one. This is more practical because it will help you to avoid any clutter. Character AI’s developers have noted the game’s need for more easy messages and character deletion options, and they plan to provide these in the near future.


Character AI’s creators have explicitly stated that they cannot view user chats, maintaining the anonymity of users. While the tool collects data for machine learning and improvement purposes, it is done in an anonymous manner without identifying individual users. 

However, it is important to be cautious of potential risks such as privacy concerns, identity misuse, and the spread of misinformation. Users should exercise responsible usage, evaluate content critically, and take necessary security measures. Character AI now offers the option to delete messages and characters, providing users with more control over their interactions.

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