How to use Scite AI? ( Expert Guide)

The use of AI is not just employed in computing and engineering but also used in scientific research. If you are a scientific researcher, Scite AI offers tremendous help in checking how scientific articles are cited. Scite AI helps you find relevant citations to support your research statements.

How to use Scite AI?

This newly created AI program is now widely used to find new citations in the research world. It helps you to visualize the research right on your screen to find relevancy between articles. In simple words, Scite AI is the best way to find supporting or contrasting research papers.

Sometimes, we offer a research statement but we don’t have an idea how well modern articles are supporting it. You may experience many research papers contrasting your statement. Scite AI is an all-in-one place to find and compare rankings and find answers.

Google Scholar vs. Scite AI

No doubt Scite AI is proven to learn about new papers and research discoveries. But, how it is different from google scholar which is the most used research platform? You are well aware of how google scholar can find the titles of your searched statement.

But, the functionality of google scholar is quite limited. It displays all the relevant research papers but is unable to compare them with your statement. Indeed, you’ll surely be able to find the titles and authors. But, you have to open and read the abstracts of search results to know if it is supporting.

As a researcher myself, doing this is quite time-consuming as you may never be able to find the relevant information about the original article. This is where Scite AI is superior in finding research papers in a well-mannered way on its dashboard.

With Scite AI, all you need to do is to search for the article using your research statement. The platform then compares all the citations and shows you if that article is supporting your statement or not. Scite AI is a smart move to ease your effort, unlike google scholar.

You don’t have to look into each article to know what that article is saying. All you need is a reference statement to search in Scite AI. The Scite AI will then automatically show every bit of new research containing your reference statement even when the concept of your research has changed over time.

How to Use Scite AI?

Scite AI is available as a separate online platform along with an extension for browsers such as google chrome. You can use Scite AI to write a research paper, and critical analysis of literature and use it for reviewing the modern research literature.

Logging In & Joining Scite ai

For starters, Scite AI is a paid platform that also offers 7 days of free demo service. You have the option to purchase a Scite AI account based on individual and enterprise needs. For individuals, both monthly and yearly plans are available to try.

The enterprise version is built for the corporate and educational sectors such as universities. For this, Scite AI pricing is according to the staff and number of students in the specific institution. It uses payment services such as bank transfer, PayPal, Alipay, etc.

Creating Your Own Custom Scite AI Dashboard

After logging in and starting your plan, you are required to create a custom dashboard on Scite AI. Scite AI dashboard is a full-fledged page that contains your search queries and their supporting or contrasting research evidence.

Not only that, the Scite AI dashboard helps you to understand what trend the Scite AI index is following with time. You can search about 100 DOIs of articles if you are currently on a free plan of Scite AI. However, that limit exceeds 1000 DOIs in case of purchasing the Scite AI premium plan.

For creating a custom dashboard, simply navigate to the product tab of Scite AI and go to the ‘Create Dashboard’ option. Scite AI uses four different methods you can use for your custom dashboard. All of them are meant to search the relevant DOIs that you are about to search.

You can import your Zotero or Mendeley library into the Scite AI dashboard. The other method is to compile a list of valid DOIs in a comma-spaced fashion and manually add it to Scite AI. You can also create a CSV file of these DOIs to lessen your work of manually entering all the DOI data.

Scite AI dashboard will show you all of the articles related to your entered DOIs. You will be able to see the research article metadata and the number of total publications. Additionally, the dashboard will also show separate columns of supporting, disputing, and contrasting citations present at the moment.

Use Scite AI for Literature Search

Scite AI offers you advanced features to search for articles related to your research statement. You can use it to find concrete evidence of the research currently happening. Educational institutions use titles, abstracts, or metadata to find new research articles on Scite AI.

On the advanced search tab of Scite AI, you have the option to either enter the title, abstract, or author name. This features truly saves your time by narrowing the search results to only the relevant data. You can also search for one paper from another by searching the citation statement option.

Research Evaluation Using Scite AI

After you are done searching for your research statement, Scite AI lets you compare the articles with other researchers. This will provide you the opportunity to go to matching papers and cite them in your written research article.

The report feature of Scite AI enables you to understand how many researchers currently support the current paper. At the same time, you can also see how much the paper or research is disputed or contrasted by the scientific community.

Writing Your Research Paper on Scite AI

After you carefully search and review all the scholarly papers, you can choose which citations you can use. Combine all the relevant information regarding your research statement and you’re now ready to write your paper.

You can brainstorm to find the ideas from these papers for your article. Careful analysis can lead your way toward creating a thesis with an introduction for your paper. Then you can take further steps towards reviewing literature using the Citation Statement search feature of Scite AI.

Method and experimentation are critical parts of every research paper. Citation Statement of Scite AI allows you to manage and apply the methods and to see if it is used by any other researcher. Through this, you’ll be able to draw and compare the existing final results and conclusions of your paper.

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