Is ElevenLabs Free? (Find Out!)

ElevenLabs is an American software company that specializes in cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning tools for speech synthesis and text-to-speech. Because of its enormous potential, people often wonder:

Is ElevenLabs free?

Although ElevenLabs offers paid plans, it also offers free plans. Therefore, ElevenLabS can be considered free. In the free plan, you will be able to use 30,000 characters to convert into speeches, create 10 custom voices, use the voices for commercial purposes, and gain access to APIs.

In this article, I will explore what is included in the free ElevenLabs plan, and how to use ElevenLabs for free. So, keep reading.

What is Included in the Free Version of ElevenLabs?

Here is what ElevenLabs’ free version offers:

  • You can use up to 30,000 characters per month.
  • You are allowed to make up to 10 custom voices.
  • You have a commercial license included.
  • You can create voices in various languages like English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi.
  • You get to use Instant Voice Cloning.
  • You have access to the API.

Even though the free version has some limits, it still lets you make AI voices and use the text-to-speech (TTS) tool from ElevenLabs. Just know there is also a paid version of ElevenLabs with more stuff you can do.

How to Use ElevenLabs for Free?

Here is how to use ElevenLabs for free:

  1.  Go to the ElevenLabs website:
  2.  Click on “Sign up” to make a free account.
  3. Fill in the needed info to create your account.
  4. Once your account is ready, you can use ElevenLabs for free, but there is a limit. How much you can use depends on which ElevenLabs version you have.
  5. If you need more than the free limit, you will need to pay for a higher version.

How to Generate Speeches from Text in ElevenLabs?

Creating speeches from the text in ElevenLabs is easy. Here is what you do:

  1. Visit the ElevenLabs website.
  2. Click on “Speech Synthesis.
  3. Type in the text you want to turn into speech.
  4. Pick the language and voice you like.
  5. Hit “Generate Speech.”
  6. You can listen to the speech and download it in different formats like MP3, WAV, and OGG.

6 ElevenLabs Free Alternative

If ElevenLabs is temporarily unavailable, you might wonder how to discover free alternatives. However, you do not need to look far for free options. Here are six to consider:

1. Clipchamp

Microsoft offers a free online video editing tool, Clipchamp, which doubles as an AI text-to-speech solution.

2. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a versatile tool for converting text to speech. This tool is perfect for transforming various text formats, such as PDFs, eBooks, and emails, into spoken words. You can access it through a mobile app or Chrome extension. 

Choose from a variety of voice styles and speeds to suit your preferences. It is particularly beneficial for eLearning, as it offers dyslexia-friendly fonts and text highlighting, enhancing accessibility and independence. This makes it an excellent alternative to ElevenLab’s voice cloning solution.

3. Google Text-to-Speech

This API from Google allows you to effortlessly convert text into natural-sounding speech, making it ideal for developing apps with speech capabilities. 

With a selection of over 380 voices in more than 50 languages, including Spanish, Russian, and Hindi, you have ample choices. You can further customize the pitch, rate, and other aspects using SSML tags, ensuring precise and tailored results.

4. Descript 

Among its features, Descript stands out as a software that empowers users to edit both audio and video files. Additionally, it boasts AI-powered voice generation capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution.

5. Resemble AI

This software facilitates the creation of personalized AI voices that are realistic and unique. In just a matter of minutes, users can craft custom voices tailored to their preferences.

6. Murf AI

Renowned for its swift text-to-speech conversion and lifelike voices, the Murf voice generation platform offers customizable parameters such as pitch and speed. 

These AI-generated voices find applications across various domains, from eLearning to gaming. Moreover, Murf’s user-friendly interface extends to video creation, making it an indispensable tool for text-to-speech needs.

Is ElevenLabs completely Free?

While ElevenLabs offers a free version it is not completely free. For premium features and services you have to subscribe for the paid plans. To know about the paid plans for the ElevenLabs here is the link:

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