Is FreedomGPT safe? (Find Out!)

In recent times, AI Chatbots have gained substantial popularity, with the emergence of notable players like FreedomGPT in this field. However, certain apprehensions have been raised regarding the safety and ethical considerations surrounding Freedom GPT. Many people have asked: Is FreedomGPT safe?

Is FreedomGPT safe?

Notably, Reddit users have expressed doubts about its legitimacy, suggesting possibilities such as it being a scam, a potential source of phishing, or even a honeypot. These concerns arise from content moderation issues, spreading inaccurate information, noticeable bias, difficulty understanding coding-related questions, insufficient privacy despite email mandates, and instances of bypassing Google security and generating offensive responses.

In this article, I will completely review the FreedomGPT to find out if it is safe or not.

What is FreedomGPT?

Age of AI, LLC has introduced a unique AI chatbot named FreedomGPT. Imagine it as a clever talking buddy that can do lots of wordy things. It is like a helper for writing, changing languages, making up cool stories, and giving answers to your curious questions. And guess what? You don’t need to tinker with your device settings to use it.

FreedomGPT is a blend of different computer smarts. Some parts are open for everyone to see, while some are a bit more secretive. Smart tech people, like someone named Llama, have made it really brainy using a special number from a model called 7B. 

This special touch helps FreedomGPT do its job just right. It even borrowed some neat tricks from Alpaca, which makes it easier to understand and do more cool stuff. But what truly makes FreedomGPT shine is that it doesn’t play around with your words, unlike other chatbots. 

You can throw any question at it, even if it’s something people don’t all agree on. What’s even cooler is that your private stuff stays safe with FreedomGPT.

All your chats and info hang out only on your phone, so nobody else gets a peek. And guess what? You can have a chat with FreedomGPT even when you’re not online. So, if your internet takes a break, you can still have a good old chat.

4 Key Features of FreedomGPT

1. Unrestricted Discourse: In contrast to ChatGPT, Freedom GPT facilitates entirely unfettered conversations, enabling unbounded dialogue and seamless sharing of information.

2. Offline Utilization: User devices have the capability to operate without reliance on network connectivity, ensuring the safeguarding of privacy and promoting inclusivity.

3. Transparent Development: Freedom GPT stands as an open-source AI platform, actively fostering cooperation and engagement within the community, with the overarching goal of constructing an expansive, unencumbered language model (LLM) alongside its associated applications.

4. Empowerment of the Individual: In the era of AI advancement, there is a resolute focus on upholding individual autonomy as a fundamental principle. This vision posits that the conscientious implementation of AI has the potential to profoundly enhance the quality of people’s lives.

How to Install and Use FreedomGPT

To set up and utilize FreedomGPT, follow these steps:

1. Access the FreedomGPT GitHub Repository: Start by visiting the FreedomGPT GitHub repository.

2. Download and Install the Application:

  • Click on the green “Code” button within the repository and select “Download ZIP” to obtain the application files.
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a designated folder on your computer.
  • Open the extracted folder and execute the command “yarn install” in your terminal. This will install the necessary dependencies for the application.
  • Launch the application by entering the command “yarn start: prod.”

3. Direct Desktop Application Download: Alternatively, you have the option to directly download the FreedomGPT desktop application from the FreedomGPT website. The Freedom application can also be acquired and installed from the official Freedom website.

4. Engage with FreedomGPT: To interact with FreedomGPT and ask questions:

  • Type your question into the provided text box.
  • Press the “Enter” key to submit your question.
  • FreedomGPT will employ its capabilities to generate a comprehensive and informative response to your query.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FreedomGPT


  • Unrestricted Inquiry: Feel free to pose any question, regardless of its sensitivity or controversy, as FreedomGPT operates without censorship.
  • Preservation of Privacy: Your shared data remains exclusively on your device, ensuring a private and secure interaction with FreedomGPT.
  • Offline Accessibility: Even without an internet connection, you can harness the capabilities of FreedomGPT, making it available whenever you need it.
  • Versatile Potency: Harness its substantial capabilities for diverse applications, including text generation, language translation, creative content creation, and the provision of informative responses to your inquiries.


  • Developmental Stage: Please be aware that FreedomGPT is currently in its developmental phase, which could impact its accuracy and reliability.
  • Performance Variability: During times of high usage, especially when multiple users are accessing the platform simultaneously, FreedomGPT’s speed may be affected, leading to potential delays.
  • User-Friendly Consideration: It’s worth noting that in comparison to some other AI chatbots, FreedomGPT might not offer the same level of user-friendliness in its interface.
  • Caution for Inappropriate Content: Keep in mind that responses from FreedomGPT might occasionally include content that is inappropriate or offensive.
  • Web Version Availability: The availability of the FreedomGPT web version might be limited due to significant traffic and demand.

7 Reasons Why FreedomGPT is Not Safe?

1. Evading Google’s Safety Measures

This is the most notable issue due to which I consider FreedomGPT to be not safe. Upon attempting to download the Windows version, users are redirected to a Google Form. This strategy appears designed to bypass Google’s safety protocols. 

The Mac variant allegedly demands access to various hardware components and examines the hostname. This behavior seems suspicious, possibly indicating a honeypot or phishing attempt.

2. Offensive and Biased Output

Reports indicate that AI can generate responses that offend users across a wide spectrum of beliefs. The absence of censorship could result in the production of prejudiced or objectionable content.

3. Potential for Misleading Information

The lack of censorship combined with inherent biases in the training data poses a risk that Freedom GPT may produce content disseminating misinformation. This holds particular significance when discussing critical topics such as health, politics, or current affairs.

4. Unverified Data Download

Instances have emerged of the application downloading internal data without obtaining proper consent, leading to system disruptions. Users are urged to exercise caution when obtaining and installing software from unofficial sources.

5. Data Vulnerabilities and Legal Implications

Freedom GPT saves data locally on the user’s device, making it susceptible to loss in case of device damage or data corruption. Additionally, the AI’s content lacks quality and legality guarantees, rendering it unsuitable for academic or commercial purposes. Users must verify all information before sharing it further.

6. Lack of Content Moderation 

With a commitment to enabling unrestricted expression, Freedom GPT might lack robust content moderation mechanisms. This deficiency could result in the generation of damaging or inappropriate content, presenting ethical and legal dilemmas.

7. Unresponsiveness Issues: Freedom GPT has drawn criticism for frequently malfunctioning or failing to respond during conversations.


FreedomGPT, an open-source AI chatbot introduced in the age of AI, facilitates unbounded conversations. Nevertheless, the absence of content moderation and its inability to adhere to Google security protocols give rise to valid safety and ethical apprehensions.

Hence, it is strongly advised that users approach interactions with FreedomGPT judiciously, employing caution and applying critical reasoning throughout.

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