What is Mobians.AI (A Complete Guide)

Mobians.AI is a cool website that makes new characters in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a tool that uses AI to create pictures of Sonic-related characters that look great. If you love Sonic games, this site can help you design your very own Sonic characters using your imagination.

The person who runs the website says they will keep it going as long as they can afford it. But, as more people use the site, it gets expensive to run the computers and servers needed. That is why they are asking for donations to help out. You can find a link to donate on the website’s main page.

The website also has a chat group on Discord where you can learn about updates, share pictures, and just talk. Just remember, Mobians.AI isn’t the same as other AI companies like Mobius Labs AI or Mobius AI.

Mobius Labs AI is a company that is good at making smart computer vision technology. On the other hand, Mobian AI is a platform that allows the generation of Sonic Characters.

What is the purpose of Mobians.ai?

The purpose of Mobians.ai is to provide an AI image generator that can be used to create custom fan art and Sonic-related AI-generated OCs. The model is trained on booru tags, which allows images to turn out better and be more specific. It is a tool for everyone to use and enjoy.

However, one must keep in mind that using artificial intelligence does not equate to being an artist. It is essential to be respectful of the artists who made the images that made AI possible and not claim any of the images created as one’s own.

What is Mobians.AI
3 Best Features of Mobians.AI
Character CreationMobians.AI uses AI to come up with new characters in the Sonic style. It is cool how you can choose different traits and the AI puts them together to make unique characters. It is like letting your imagination run wild and seeing what the AI comes up with.
Animal CharactersIn the Sonic world, Mobians are animals that act like people. Mobians.AI seems to capture this idea, making characters that are animals but also have human-like qualities. It is neat to see this concept brought to life with AI.
Amazing ArtThe pictures that Mobians.AI creates are nice to look at. The AI must be good because the images it makes are detailed and look like they have been drawn by talented artists.

How to Use Mobian.AI?

Making Sonic Characters using Mobians.AI is as easy as following these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to the Website: Open your web browser and visit https://mobians.ai.

2. Start Generating: Write something in the provided space or just click/tap on the “Generate” button to begin using the AI.

3. Add an Image (Optional): If you want, you can use an image as a reference. To do this, click/tap on “Add an image” and choose the image you want to use.

That’s it.  With these steps, you will be on your way to creating your very own Sonic-style characters using Mobians. AI.

What kind of prompts can be used on Mobians.ai?

Mobians.AI accepts a wide range of prompts, including but not limited to:

  • Character descriptions (e.g., “a Mobian fox with red fur and green eyes”)
  • Action prompts (e.g., “a Mobian running through a forest”)
  • Clothing prompts (e.g., “a Mobian wearing a suit and tie”)
  • Setting prompts (e.g., “a Mobian in a futuristic city”)

Users can also add images as references to help the AI generate more accurate results. The prompts can be as specific or as general as the user wants, and the AI will do its best to create an image based on the given prompt.

How to Generate Good Images in Mobians.AI?

To generate good images in Mobians.AI, it is recommended that you include the full name of the character.

Financial Support

As you know these AI models require a lot of money to keep running. While the owner is still keeping this website live on the internet there can be issues in the future. As the number of people increases the load on the website will also increase and the owner have to meet the GPU demand and increasing server cost.

This is why the website owner has requested the fans or users for financial support. If you want to support the website as well as future model development you can donate through this link https://ko-fi.com/mobians.


Mobians.AI is a cool website where fans of Sonic the Hedgehog can make their characters using AI. You just tell the AI how you want your character to look or what they should be doing, and it makes a picture for you.

This AI platform is good at making pictures that look like they belong in the Sonic world. You can even give it a picture to help it understand what you want. Overall, it is a great experience for people who are looking to create sonic characters.

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