What is VenusAI and How to Use it? (VenusAI Alternatives) 2023 Guide

Venus AI Chatbot is a special kind of talking computer program. It lets adults talk about anything without any restrictions. You can use it with special keys called KoboldAI or OpenAI API. The official VenusChat AI had some issues, so it stopped working. 

But now, there are similar versions of Venus AI, like Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI. People use these versions a lot because they work well. Just remember, only people who are 18 years old or older should use these chatbots, as the things they talk about are not suitable for kids.

In this article, I will explain what Venus AI is and how to use it. I will also talk about other options you can try instead of Venus AI. So, keep reading until the end to get all the details.

What is VenusAI and why is it closed?

VenusAI Chat is a special kind of computer program that lets you have conversations with a bot without any rules or limits. You need special keys like KoboldAI or OpenAI API to use it. There used to be an official website for Venus AI Chatbot called VenusAI.Chat, but it is not available anymore. 

The official site was shut down because of some issues. It happened on May 30th, 2023, although some people say it closed even earlier, around May 28th. If you want to know more about this, you can visit the VenusAI Sub Reddit.

When the official site closed, new websites appeared within a few days. These new sites are similar to VenusAI Chat because the people who made VenusAI Chatbot shared the website’s code with the public. 

So, in just a short time, a new version called Venus Chub AI was made. People like this new version, and there are a few more versions that have come out, like Janitor AI. Both Venus Chub AI and Janitor AI are copies of Venus AI.

You can use any of these copies, but make sure you read their rules and terms before using them. Remember, you’re using them at your own risk. People seem to prefer Venus Chub AI, though – they enjoy using it.

5 Best Features of VenusAl

Venus Al has some cool stuff:

1. Talk to Ready Characters: Venus Al has lots of characters to talk to, like anime, games, and real life. You can chat and have fun with these characters. There are characters for different tastes, some for grown-ups and some for everyone.

2.   Find Characters Easily: There are many characters in Venus Al, and they are grouped by different situations. You can search for characters you like and have a chat with them.

3.   Check What’s Popular: Venus Al has a “Trends” thing that shows which characters are super popular right now. You can know who everyone’s loving.

4.   Hang Out in the Community: Venus Al has a place called Venus Chub where you can join in and talk about your experiences with others.

5.   Use It Offline: If you want, you can make Venus Al work on your computer. You don’t always need the Internet.

How to Register and Use Venus AI Chatbot: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Creating an Account

  1. Visit Venus AI Website: Go to venus.chub.ai and access the platform.
  2. Registration: Click the “Register” button at the top right corner.
  3. Fill in Details: Enter your Email, Username, and Password in the provided fields.
  4. Complete Profile: Navigate to the “My Profile” page. Fill in your profile details and click “Update Profile.”

2. Creating Your Character

  1. Character Creation: Click “Create Character” at the top right corner.
  2. Customize Character: On the “Create Character” page, fill in your character preferences.
  3. Initiate Chat: Click “Chat with {Your Character Name}” below your character’s image.

3. Chatting with Publicly Available Characters

  1. Return to Main Page: Click the site logo to return to the main page.
  2. Select a Character: Choose a publicly available character to chat with.
  3. Start Chatting: Click the button beneath the character’s image to enter the chat page.

4. Setting Up API Key

  1. API Message: Click on the “API Not Ready! Click to Setup” message at the top right.
  2. Configure API Key: Open the API settings box.
  3. Kobold AI API:
    • Run Locally (Requirements: Good PC with 4.5GB VRAM)
    • Rent a Cloud GPU (Paid option)
    • Use Google Colab (Note: NSFW chatbot removed)
  4. OpenAI API:
    • Paid option (Free $5 trial credit available)
    • Choose an API model (e.g., GPT-3.5-Turbo)
    • Select the API access option: “My API Key” or “Reverse Proxy.”
  5. Enter API Key: Paste your OpenAI API key in the designated box.
  6. Verify and Save: Check API key validity, select settings, and click “Save Settings.”
  7. Jailbreak Prompt:
    • Optionally set your prompt or use a preset.
    • Click “Save Settings.”
  8. API Ready: Confirmation message “API is ready, Using OpenAI” will appear.

5. Start Chatting

Begin conversing with your character using the chat interface.

Is it Safe to Use VenusAI?
Venus Al is designed with user safety in mind and offers a range of safeguards:

Privacy Assurance: Venus Al is committed to transparency, outlining its data collection and usage practices in its terms and privacy policies. If you’re uncomfortable with data collection, you have the option to opt out whenever you wish.

Robust Data Security: Venus Al prioritizes data security by employing advanced measures like encryption and firewalls to safeguard user information.

 Respect for Privacy: Venus Al introduces privacy characters, which are not subject to data collection, preserving your privacy during interactions.

However, it’s essential to remain mindful of potential risks:

Privacy Considerations: Venus Al gathers user data, including chat interactions, to enhance its performance. While this helps refine the chatbot, there’s the possibility of data being used for purposes like targeted advertising.

Bias Awareness: Since Venus Al learns from a vast range of data, it might inadvertently exhibit biases in its responses due to the data it was trained on.

 Possible Inaccuracies: Remember, Venus Al isn’t a fact-checking tool and might sometimes provide information that’s inaccurate or misleading.

To ensure safe usage, adhere to these recommendations:

Understand Model Limitations: Venus Al, like all language models, isn’t flawless. Approach its responses with a degree of caution and cross-verify information from other reliable sources.

Prioritize Privacy: Given Venus Al’s data collection practices, consider using private mode when interacting and avoid sharing personal details.

Report Harmful Content: Should you encounter harmful content like hate speech or threats, promptly notify Venus Al by utilizing the “report” button associated with the content.

By being aware of these aspects and exercising caution, you can make the most of Venus Al while safeguarding your privacy and well-being.

Venus Al Alternatives

  • Janitor Al:

Janitor Al and Venus Al possess identical styles and functions, rendering them effortlessly interchangeable. Their platforms seamlessly shift between each other

  • Character.Al:

Character.Al is also an Al Chatbot platform with ready characters. But, the special part is that Character.Al blocks out inappropriate stuff, making it great for chatting with characters that are okay for everyone.

Common Errors Faced By Users in VenusAi

What Does Error: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. ” mean in VenusAI?

It means you have used up all the responses you could get with your access, like running out of tokens in a game. Or if there is a cap on how much you can use, you have hit that limit.

How to fix ‘I hit refresh on my current chat, and now all messages are gone’ in VenusAI?

To resolve this, you can send a dot in the empty chat, then go to the “all chats” section and choose the chat you were using. Next, just remove any unnecessary messages and proceed as usual!

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