Caktus AI ( Ultimate Guide)

As the world is rapidly changing, AI is having a significant impact. It is changing the way we do our chores and even engage in fun activities. Also, it affects the educational institute. There are a lot of AI tools available that help the student with their homework or assignment.

Caktus AI is one of these tools that really can help the students in their tasks. It can write essays, create content for platforms like YouTube and TEDTalks, and even generate codes for different languages. Whether you’re a developer, student, or belong to any other profession, Caktus AI has you covered. It can really help in all your professional tasks.

In this article, we will delve into how it works, what it is really worth, and many more.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Caktus AI

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is a versatile tool designed to assist students in various tasks. It can be used to generate various types of content for different platforms, as well as on a personal level. Furthermore, it can assist with math problem-solving and citations.

This tool aims to genuinely support students in their academic and other projects. It’s like having a smart buddy with you who can genuinely assist you while you focus on other tasks.

Additionally, Caktus AI can assist in crafting resumes and cover letters when you’re applying for jobs or seeking a professional career.

How to use it?

Using Caktus AI is very simple. Simply go to Google and search for Caktus AI. Upon reaching the Caktus AI website, you’ll find options to sign in or sign up. If you don’t have an account, choose the sign-up option.

Make sure that you’ve entered all the information correctly. This will really help you in a good user experience. Once you have created the account.

Now, I will explain how to use it once you’re on the website. To use it, simply click on the tool you want to utilize and enter your input. Specify what you need, and the tool will generate content related to that specific input.

Initially, Caktus AI offered free access for new users. Since they no longer provide free access, you need to purchase subscriptions to access it further.


Caktus AI can perform various tasks, some of which I mentioned above. However, I am going to tell the details in the table below.

WritingEssay Writer, Personal Statement Writer, Paragraph Generator, Text Summarizer, Discussion Questions
CodingPython Writer, Go Writer, Java Writer, C#, Typescript Writer, Javascript, SQL, Rust, Ruby, Write A Python Docstring, Javascript To Python
Job ApplicationsCover Letter Writer, Resume Bullet Points
StudyingText to Notes, Article Note Taker
LanguageSpanish Tutor, Russian Tutor, Arabic Tutor, Mandarin Answerer, Japanese Tutor, Italian Tutor, French Tutor
FunClass Absent Excuses, Cation Writer, Love Letters, Text Responder, Songwriter
ArtsMovie Scene Analysis

Is Caktus AI free?
No, it’s no longer free. They used to offer a free account, but now you need to subscribe to use it. For a monthly subscription, you have to pay around $15, and for an annual subscription, it’s around $9.

Caktus AI vs ChatGPT

Caktus AI is a tool that can work as your writing coach and assist you with various tasks, such as generating content, coding assistance, helping cover letters, and more. Basically, it is designed in a way to help students in their academic performance and even professionals at certain levels.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a language model basically created to generate human-like text based on the input. It is more focused on natural language processing and can engage in conversations, answer questions, and more.

This tool can be utilized in various applications, including chatbots, content creation, and information generation.


Caktus AI can be a valuable tool for those seeking targeted assistance with specific tasks, especially in academic and professional contexts.

While these tools are incredibly helpful and can significantly speed up your work. However, we cannot rely entirely on these tools, as they generate content based on their data. Therefore, you need to closely examine the output while using these tools, as they might lead to issues.

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