How to Get and Use Reverse Proxy for Janitor AI? (Expert Guide)

The use of reverse proxy in different AI tools has increased the performance and utilization of these tools. Their features increase a lot because of the reverse proxy. If you are A user of Janitor AI, you must be thinking of using reverse proxy for Janitor AI.

In this article, I will explain what is a reverse proxy, How to get and use a reverse proxy for Janitor AI, its benefits, and associated risk factors. So do you want to reap the benefits of Reverse Proxy? If yes, then continue reading.

How to Get and Use Reverse Proxy for Janitor AI

What is a Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy is a specialized kind of proxy server positioned between client devices and web servers. Its primary function is to relay client requests to the appropriate backend server, adding an extra layer of abstraction and control to ensure smooth network traffic between clients and servers. 

Reverse proxies play a crucial role in enhancing scalability, performance, resilience, and security. In the context of Janitor AI, a reverse proxy is employed to oversee the management of the OpenAI API Key, guaranteeing its security. 

This enables individuals or communities to offer the OpenAI API Key to the public for free, while also delivering additional functionalities. 

How to Get Setup and Use Janitor AI Reverse Proxy?

1. Getting  Janitor AI Free API Key

To acquire a Janitor AI Free API Key, you can follow these simple steps:

  1.  Visit the PawnOsman API Key GitHub page.
  2. There, you will find a Discord link. Click on it to access and join their Discord server.
  3.  If you are new to the Discord server, please be aware that there might be a 10-minute waiting period.
  4. After joining the server or once your waiting period concludes, go to the #Bot Channel.
  5. In the Bot Channel, simply type “/key. Your API key will be promptly provided to you.
  6. Make sure to copy and save this API key for your future reference and use.

2. Using Janitor AI Reverse Proxy

  1. After getting the reverse proxy go to the Janitor AI website and create an account, or if you already have an account then login.
  2. Try to strike up a conversation with a character whose personality appeals to you.
  3. In the beginning, you may be unable to engage in conversation with the bot. A red notification will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen informing you that the API needs to be configured. Click on the notification to open it.
  4. Then select “Reverse Proxy” on the settings page.
  5. Fill out the fields with the required information, including the Open AI Reverse Proxy and Key.
  6. The last step is to safeguard your settings by clicking the “Save Settings” button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
Benefits of Reverse Proxy for Janitor AI
Improved SecurityBy intercepting requests meant for backend servers, a reverse proxy shields their identities and functions as an extra layer of defense against security threats. It also allows multiple servers to be accessed through a single web address or URL, regardless of your local network’s setup.
Load BalancingA reverse proxy can evenly distribute incoming traffic across multiple backend servers, ensuring that no single server becomes overwhelmed with requests. This can enhance the performance and reliability of your web applications.
Simplified MaintenanceModifications made to servers operating behind a reverse proxy remain transparent to end-users. Even when you need to take one of your secure file transfer servers offline for maintenance, upgrades, or replacement (assuming it Is part of a cluster), your end-users won’t experience any disruptions.
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)Reverse proxies can distribute traffic across multiple data centers, ensuring that users are always directed to the nearest available server.
CloakingA reverse proxy can conceal a site’s primary server, safeguarding it from malicious attacks. Such a setup makes it appear as if the site is hosted on numerous servers, with typically only the public-facing servers being exposed, thereby shielding the backend server from harm

5 Potential Risks of Reverse Proxy for Janitor AI

There are several risk factors associated with using a reverse proxy:

1. Information Storage Risk: A reverse proxy, which sits between a web server and the user, may store sensitive information, such as login credentials, cookies, and session information. I am sure no one wants this.

2. False Sense of Security: While a reverse proxy can protect against known attacks that manipulate requests directed at web servers, it may not provide comprehensive security coverage. 

It cannot safeguard against application logic issues or vulnerabilities in session maintenance. Relying solely on a reverse proxy for security can create a false sense of security, leaving your system vulnerable to certain types of threats.

3.  Improper Configuration and Vulnerabilities: The reverse proxy, when not properly set up or if it contains vulnerabilities, can introduce security risks. 

Security features on reverse proxies are not always fully functional, and securing applications with them can take time and effort. Errors in setup or vulnerabilities within the reverse proxy can be taken advantage of by malicious individuals.

4. Risk of Frequent Breakage: Reverse proxies are typically configured to work with specific versions of applications. When applications are updated or new versions are released, the reverse proxy may become incompatible, leading to downtime and other issues. 

Keeping reverse proxy configurations up-to-date and compatible with application changes can be challenging.

5. Reverse Proxy Phishing Attacks: Reverse proxy servers can be exploited by attackers to conduct phishing attacks. In these attacks, the attacker positions themselves as a man-in-the-middle between an employee and the company server. 

Instead of presenting the employee with a lookalike phishing site, the reverse proxy server provides legitimate-looking login and multi-factor authentication (MFA) fields and returns responses controlled by the attacker. This can deceive users into providing sensitive information to malicious actors.

It Is important to carefully configure and monitor reverse proxy servers to mitigate these risks effectively. 

Additionally, using complementary security measures and staying informed about the latest security threats is crucial for maintaining a robust security posture when utilizing reverse proxies in your infrastructure.


Utilizing a reverse proxy offers a wide range of advantages and functionalities. However, it is strongly recommended to obtain your reverse proxy from a trusted and dependable source.

Therefore, if you intend to employ a reverse proxy for Janitor AI, it Is crucial to recognize the possible ramifications of exposing your data and requests to an external entity. Consequently, it is essential to take appropriate preventive measures and conduct routine audits of the reverse proxy to guarantee its security and operational reliability.

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