How to Delete Character in Character AI (Expert Guide)

Sometimes users create a lot of characters and do not find their favorite characters for conversation. This is why people often ask:

How to delete characters in Character AI?

If you want to remove a character from Character AI, follow these steps: First, delete all the conversations you had with the AI model for that character. Next, change the character’s name and description. Lastly, set the character to private so that it’s only known to you. This way, you can successfully delete the character from the AI.

In this article, I will share with you a 9-step guide to deleting characters in Character AI.

How to Delete Character in Character AI

Can I delete a character in Character AI?

Indeed, it is possible to “delete” your character in Character AI, but it is not a straightforward procedure. With the platform’s rising popularity, character lists are expanding.

To remove your character, clear all its chat history and related data, then mark it as private. This is not a direct deletion, but it ensures your character won’t be visible or accessible.

9 Steps Guide to Delete Character in Character AI

When it comes to deleting a character in Character AI, the process isn’t straightforward, but I’ll walk you through it step by step. Here is a 9-step guide:

1.   Log in to your Character AI account.

2.   Choose the character you wish to delete.

3.   Open a conversation with that character.

4.   Look for the 3-dot icon and click it to access the menu.

5.   From the menu, choose “Remove Messages”.

6.   Now, access the character editor by clicking the 3-dot icon in the chat and selecting “View Character Settings”.

7.   Delete all character details, including name and description.

8.   Ensure you set the visibility to “Private”.

9.   After removing the character’s attributes, save your changes.

This guide should help you effectively manage the removal of a character in Character AI.

Alternative to Deleting a Character in Character AI

If you are hesitant about erasing your conversations with the AI bot on Character AI and don’t want to delete the character, there is another option. You can simply make a fresh character with distinct traits.

This alternative allows for more experimentation and enhances your interaction with AI models. For those genuinely interested in crafting purposeful Character AI bots, forming a new AI character offers an excellent opportunity for growth in character creation skills, whether they are inspired by fiction or real-life personalities.

Why would I Need to delete a Character AI bot?

People have different reasons for deleting Character AI bots. Some might have made too many bots and things look messy. Others could worry about their privacy and want to disconnect from certain bots.

Sometimes, a user may simply be unsatisfied with a bot and wish to get rid of it. Whatever the reason, understanding how to deal with bots on Character AI is essential.

What are the Limitations of deleting bots in Character AI?

It is worth mentioning that you can’t directly delete your bots on Character AI for now. This might sound unusual, but there is a good reason behind it. The platform is still in its early stages of development.

The AI models are continuously being trained and improved, and the data from existing bots plays a big role in this. So, removing bots could actually disrupt the AI’s learning progress.


Although completely deleting a bot on Character AI isn’t possible right now, you can make it invisible and non-functional. It is anticipated that future updates will offer better ways to handle bots. Until then, this guide offers a practical solution for those wanting to delete or repurpose their bots.

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