ChatGPT Unblocked: How to Unblocked ChatGPT (Latest Guide)

In recent years, ChatGPT has grown in popularity among students, researchers, and language enthusiasts. However, ChatGPT has been blocked in some locations due to government censorship and school or workplace restrictions. Therefore, several people are looking for ChatGPT unblocked options.

The introduction of ChatGPT, the pioneering AI operating on a large language model (LLM), has transformed our perception of AI’s capabilities. This AI has crafted a wide array of content, spanning from songs to medical school essays, using natural language.

Its potential as an aide, idea generator, and virtual customer service representative is becoming increasingly evident. However, there are voices of criticism concerning ChatGPT and the advancing AI language model landscape it represents.

Besides coping with a defamation lawsuit and occasionally offering inaccurate information, ChatGPT has encountered usage restrictions from school districts across the United States. Concerns are raised that students might misuse it for essay composition.

In addition, sometimes users involve in suspicious activities due to which chatGPT blocked your account. However, there are several ways to fix this problem. In this article, I will show you how to get ChatGPT unblocked if your school, workplace, or country has banned it.

ChatGPT Unblocked: How to Unblocked ChatGPT (Latest Guide)

Why Is My ChatGPT Blocked?

Before attempting to unblock ChatGPT you have to understand various reasons for ChatGPT being unblocked. In some cases, the use of the service may be restricted in certain organizations, countries, and school systems due to concerns regarding data privacy, Internet usage restrictions, and plagiarism.

Some users’ accounts are blocked due to suspicious activities on their accounts. So, the solution will also depend upon the cause of the blockage. But first, let’s discover the causes of blocked ChatGPT.

Plagiarism Issues

A lot of people are worried about ChatGPT, so certain platforms hosting user-created content banned ChatGPT content. Several educational establishments, enterprises, and governmental bodies have taken more drastic measures by entirely prohibiting the usage of the application on their networks.

The most prominent action within the United States emerged from the New York City school system, which enforced a network-wide blockade on ChatGPT for all students, faculty, and staff. According to a spokesperson, ChatGPT does not cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are crucial for academic success and lifelong proficiency.

Data Privacy Concern

Many companies have taken similar steps by prohibiting ChatGPT’s access to any employee’s internet connection. This ban includes corporations like Amazon, Verizon, JPMorgan, and Accenture. The rationale behind these choices revolves around apprehensions related to data privacy.

Data fed into the chatbot might not be adequately secured and could potentially be accessed by ChatGPT users external to the organization.

Stringent controls over internet usage have led to even more comprehensive restrictions. The most substantial prohibitions have been enacted on a national scale.

Although Italy recently removed its countrywide prohibition on ChatGPT, the service continues to remain inaccessible in other nations, including Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba.

Too Many Login Attempts

Frequently, a primary cause for the blockage of your ChatGPT account is repeated unsuccessful login attempts with an incorrect username or password. This scenario could unfold if you have misplaced your login details or if an unauthorized individual attempts to enter your account.

If you encounter the message “Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts,” it is probable that this is the underlying reason. Fortunately, such blocks are typically temporary.

To rectify this situation, you can allow a specific duration, usually a few hours, to pass before making another login attempt. Alternatively, you have the option to initiate a password reset.

Using a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) service may also contribute to the potential blocking of ChatGPT accounts. VPNs present advantages in terms of privacy and security; however, they can also be exploited for malicious purposes or to evade usage limitations.

As a precautionary step, OpenAI might enact temporary blocks on accounts accessing ChatGPT via specific VPNs. It’s important to emphasize “might,” since certain individuals can use a VPN without encountering any ChatGPT-related problems.

Should you confront a blockage while employing a VPN, the initial action is deactivating it and trying to access ChatGPT without it. In most scenarios, disabling the VPN should promptly resolve the issue.

How to get Chat GPT unblocked?

In case you find that ChatGPT is blocked for you, there exist several effective approaches to unblock it. Here are the recommended methods to consider:

1. Utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN): One solution is to employ a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts your internet connection and routes it through a server located in a different region. This enables you to sidestep any imposed restrictions and gain access to ChatGPT.

A VPN encrypts your online traffic and directs it through an alternative server location. This tactic aids in bypassing limitations enforced within your school or workplace network. 

Numerous free and paid VPN options are accessible online, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your requirements.

If opting for a VPN to unblock ChatGPT, here are three standout choices:

  • NordVPN: A highly regarded VPN service that provides swift and secure connections. Its expansive network spans more than 60 countries, ensuring you can discover a server capable of unblocking ChatGPT.
  • ExpressVPN: Another popular VPN service that delivers rapid and dependable connections. With servers present in over 90 countries, you have an array of possibilities for unblocking ChatGPT.
  • CyberGhost: A user-friendly VPN service boasting robust security and speedy connections. It maintains servers in over 60 countries, simplifying the process of locating a server capable of unblocking ChatGPT.

2. Utilize a Proxy Server: An alternative method involves the usage of a proxy server, functioning as an intermediary between your device and the internet. This allows you to access ChatGPT even if it is barred by your internet service provider (ISP) or network administrator.

Some other ways to Unblocked ChatGPT

If ChatGPT is not banned in your country or your organization or school, and you are still facing the issue then use the following methods:

1- Switch browsers or Devices: Experiment with using a different web browser or device to access ChatGPT. Sometimes, a change in browser or device can circumvent the block.

2- Alter Internet Connections: If ChatGPT is inaccessible on your school or workplace network, attempting to access it through an alternative internet connection might work. This could be your home Wi-Fi, mobile data, or even public Wi-Fi spots like coffee shops or libraries.

3- Utilize ChatGPT-based Extensions: If direct access to the ChatGPT website is restricted, you can make use of extensions like ChatGPT Sidebar or Merlin. These extensions enable you to utilize the ChatGPT chatbot within your browser without navigating to the main website. 

  • ChatGPT Sidebar: This browser extension, compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, empowers you to engage with the ChatGPT chatbot while browsing the internet. It comes with built-in prompts to enhance productivity.
  • Merlin: This browser extension employs ChatGPT technology to offer conversational responses. It’s available for Google Chrome.

4- Explore Alternatives: If unblocking ChatGPT proves challenging, you can explore alternative chatbots to fulfill your needs. Examples include:

  •  Bing Chat: Developed by Microsoft, Bing Chat employs the Bing search engine to address user queries.
  • Google’s Bard: Google has introduced an experimental AI chat service named Bard, which serves as a conversational interface. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard draws its information primarily from the internet.

5- Adjust DNS Settings: If the aforementioned approaches do not yield results, you can consider changing your DNS settings as a last resort. However, this method might be complex and isn’t recommended for those unfamiliar with technical procedures, as reverting to the original settings could prove challenging.


ChatGPT is a potent chatbot with diverse helpful applications, such as addressing queries and generating text. However, there are instances where its accessibility might be limited, making it a challenge for users to connect.

Fortunately, there exist effective strategies to unblock ChatGPT. These include opting for alternative internet connections or employing a VPN, reaching out to OpenAI’s support team for assistance, exploring extensions centered around ChatGPT, or considering alternative chatbot options.

Following these recommendations will allow you to continue benefiting from ChatGPT, regardless of location.

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